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We want to share our understanding and in-depth knowledge to provide innovative solutions for our clients, increasing investment returns and reducing company costs.

Our services include


Our recruitment approach includes simple methods to guarantee sourcing of the best candidates to meet your available positions and who have a good fit with your company culture.

Staff Onboarding

We assist you with developing and initiating simple but
compelling onboarding programmes that will leave
your employees excited and challenged to grow with
your company and contribute to your bottom line.

Contract Management

One of our unique value propositions is to assist you with a review process to ensure all your employment contracts are compliant.

Culture Building

Drastic times call for innovation. Culture is what drives leadership and ultimately your bottom line. We assist you to develop a company culture which begins with your reason for being.


Performance management is a tool that helps managers monitor and evaluate employees’ work.

Payroll and Payment Management

We simplify the process of paying staff by making use of various bespoke tools and software, taking the hassle out of payroll. 

industrial relations

We provide support, expert skills and complete services in this key area. 

policies and procedures
Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • Drafting a full set of company policies and procedures manual
  • Updating of the manual as and when legislative changes occur
Labour Compliance

We ensure that you are 100% compliant when it comes to matters of Labour. We achieve this by conducting detailed labour audits and providing up to date legislative posters.

labour brokerage
Labour Brokerage

Labour brokering is a type of outsourcing commonly used in South Africa. It involves companies hiring labour brokers to provide temporary or casual employees. At HR Simplified, we specialise in offering labour brokerage services to our clients on both short and long-term bases.

hr audits
HR Audits

Intensely and objectively look at HR Policies, HR practices, HR procedures and HR strategies to best protect the organisation and establish the best practices.

Job Grading

Job evaluation/grading is the classification of jobs according to a job grading system such as Paterson, Peromnes, Hay, Castellion or simply a semantic scale describing occupational levels.

workmans compensation
Workman’s Compensation and UIF Claims
  • Workman’s compensation registration
  • Annual declarations
  • Letter of good standing
  • Injury on duty administration and claims

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