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Labour Brokerage

Labour brokering is a type of outsourcing commonly used in South Africa. It involves companies hiring labour brokers to provide temporary or casual employees. At HR Simplified, we specialise in offering labour brokerage services to our clients on both short and long-term bases.

Our services include:

  • Employing and supplying suitable employees to the client.
  • Being responsible for disciplining the employees provided to the client.
  • Being responsible for the total remuneration package of the employee.
  • Monitor the employees’ progress and provide necessary support and discipline to ensure their efficiency.
  • Making every effort to replace any employee who does not comply with the conditions stipulated in the employment contract.
  • Providing professional assistance regarding the handling of employees.
  • Ensuring that assignees are insured in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Compensation for Injuries and Diseases, UIF, and PAYE.
  • Ensuring that employees are employed on conditions of service that are no less favourable than those stipulated in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997, as amended.
  • Complying with the provisions of the Labour Relations Act 1995, as amended, or any other relevant legislation as amended from time to time.

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